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You wouldn't leave the check engine light on in your Porche ...

Bodies are like cars, they require frequent maintenance and fuel to keep running smoothly. I'm guessing you wouldn't leave the check engine light on in your super fancy sports car so why ignore your bodies signals?

Take a minute to think about the regular maintenance you do for your car, you value your car because it gets you from place to place. Now think about what you do for your body regularly, doesn't your body share the same value if not more !

Although your body does have a built in repair system busy lifestyles, poor nutrition, stress, and environmental threats can cause your bodies natural repair systems to slow down.

The human body is an incredible living machine capable of sending out signals when something is in need of repair. That headache, those numb hands and chronic neck pain are all signals that you need to get bodywork done. Massage therapy is more than a luxury it is a maintenance plan for the vehicle of life , your body.

Regular massage therapy can ease or in some cased eliminate pain in as little as 1-3 treatments. With regular massage therapy you can expect to prevent pain, stress, and system shut down along with giving your mind a well needed moment of peace and quite.

I think we can agree now that you would not leave your check engine light on until the whole system is ruined and needs a very costly repair so please don't ignore your bodies signals resulting in massive health issues. I can promise you that an investment in regular massage therapy will cost less than the alternative emergency medical bills.

I hope that this article has given you a different view of massage therapy and inspires you to take better care of yourself.

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