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What is CBD massage ?

Where Do I Get a CBD Massage in Spokane?

What is a CBD Massage? Does it provide pain relief? Can I get High? Is it legal? These are all very good questions. There is much hype surrounding the topical use of CBD in massage treatments. While the science is still somewhat unclear, the anecdotal evidence is mounting that CBD infused oils or lotions provides pain relief and can help with stress and relaxation.

CBD Massages have are becoming more popular. A massage using CBD provides an unconventional path in reliving muscle soreness, chronic pain, tension and stress. Topical cannabinoids are, according to doctors, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories with healing properties.

The benefits of both massage therapy and CBD individually are well known. The theory holds that by combining the two, achieved results can be more intense. CBD will bind and act on the CB2 receptors which can be found near the skin. This will activate the endocannabinoid system to deliver relief.

Cannabis has two essential components of interest, THC tetrahydrocannabinol & CBD cannabidiol. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana; it's the molecule that makes you feel "stoned." CBD on the other hand is the one of interest to massage. It has wonderful therapeutic properties, helps relieve pain, acts as an anti inflammatory, and when used as a topical massage cream, does not enter your blood stream. It will NOT get you high - but it may make you feel wonderful.

Since CBD is non-psychoactive (as opposed to THC which is what allows you to feel "high") so you do not have to worry about getting a high feeling from the CBD massage. If you were to get a massage that incorporated both THC and CBD topical products, you still likely wouldn’t feel a high as THC absorbed through the skin is not a sufficient means to allow it to be absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the brain - sorry folks.

Where Do I Get a CBD Massage? In many states where medical marijuana is legal, therapists are already offering infused products; both THC and CBD. At The Well Nest I've partnered with CBD Clinic Inc., they are the first and only FDA registered CBD infused topical product designed for Massage Therapy. CBD Clinic offers full support with scientific study results and guarantees product quality. There products are all within the WA state regulated "safe" levels for CBD products to be legally used without prescription and have the FDA registration. There are so many CBD products on the market to day available to anyone, however they are not all the same quality. I encourage you to do your research on the companies regulations and scientific backing of there products before you try them.

The Well Nest is now offering both CBD consultations and CBD Massage Treatments. You may add CBD oil onto any existing service for an additional fee. What you can expect during your first CBD Massage Session is a full consultation for your therapy needs along with basic education of what CBD is and how it will be used for your Treatment goals. After your session you will receive an information packet to take home further explaining CBD oils and there wonderful benefits.

If you would like to schedule your session please follow this link :

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