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Top 10 Health Benefits of PEMF Therapy

PEMF may sound like a new scientific discovery BUT It’s more like a well-kept secret that we want to stand on the rooftops and shout about for all of its healing goodness!

There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 health benefits of PEMF therapy:

1. Reduction in Inflammation

Inflammation is a body’s natural response in self-protection. Our white blood cells protect us from infection, such as bacteria and viruses. Although, the immune system may also trigger an inflammatory response when bacteria and viruses aren’t present. This is referred to as an autoimmune response. There are a number of autoimmune diseases, in which the immune system harms itself. Whatever the cause of your inflammation, 1 of the top 10 health benefits of PEMF therapy is without a doubt its ability to re-energize damaged cells and reduce inflammation. PEMF therapy works on a cellular level to encourage the body to heal itself.

2. Improved Circulation

It is believed that blood circulation is affected by energized particles in the bloodstream that appear to oscillate to the frequency. This response may reduce friction and resistance in narrow capillaries. As a result, blood circulation seems to improve.

3. Injury Recovery & Wound Healing

PEMF therapy enhances the oxygenation of the blood flow through the body. This really helps the body to heal itself. On average the healing process is increased by about a third of the time it would normally take without use of PEMF therapy.

4. Pain Reduction

While it’s number 4 on our top 10 health benefits of PEMF therapy, pain reduction is no joke and may be the primary motivator for people seeking relief. It is theorized that PEMF might encourage the body to create micro-currents that run through neuro-pathways. This response denies C fibers from accessing neural gateways that trigger the pain response. It is believed that the reduced signal equals less pain. But the best part is, in some cases, relief can begin in minutes

5. Sleep and Relaxation

If you struggle with insomnia, restless fitful sleep, or are stressed, PEMF therapy may benefit you. It is said that the vascular system appears to relax minutes after a PEMF therapy session, potentially reducing blood pressure by 20 to 30 percent. PEMF therapy encourages muscles to relax, decreases stress levels and promotes deeper natural sleep. We’re very often told the PEMF therapy experience is very relaxing.

6. Depression and Anxiety

If you suffer from depression or anxiety you should see a physician and follow their regimen. That said, PEMF therapy may be a great complementary modality to add. A recent Harvard study utilized PEMF to treat depression with great results. The findings showed that along with better-oxygenated blood, PEMF helped the glucose metabolism areas of the brain that contribute to depression and anxiety. PEMF stimulates the electrical activity of neurons which then change the parts of the brain that affect our mood. PEMF therapy may also decrease the fear and anxiety reactions that are associated with depression.

7. Increased Energy

Number 7 on our top 10 health benefits of PEMF therapy is increased energy! Yay! Who couldn’t use that? But how does it work? Well, it may be a chain reaction. Improved circulation, better sleep, natural healing, reduce inflammation which results in reduced pain all translate to increased energy.

Just ask Nancy Hughes, a senior veterinary technician, LVT with the University of Louisville and her 17-year-old cat who has back issues. After one treatment he was playing like a kitten again!

8. Bone Mending

Number 8 on our top 10 health benefits of PEMF therapy is bone mending. Studies have shown and the FDA approved PEMF therapy for treating non-union fractures. Improved quality of calcium is produced in one-third of the standard time. PEMF therapy accelerates repair of both bone and soft tissue.

9. A Companion Modality

It can stand alone for maintenance, but the most wonderful thing about PEMF therapy isn’t one thing, it’s several. PEMF therapy:

Is SafeNon-invasiveNot a medicationNo harmful side-effectsNo downtime

All of these benefits make it an excellent companion modality to a number of different regimens. It’s not running interference, it’s running assistance! Check with your doctor of course, but adding PEMF therapy to your regimen may boost its effectiveness. You truly have nothing to lose.

10. Immune Boosting

For both animal and human alike, good health is a product of good care, diet, and exercise. A healthy routine helps build a strong immune system. However, energy loss from stress and environmental pollution compounded by dietary setbacks drain us of this vital energy. What we know is that when this energy is compromised, cells no longer function at their best. This triggers a chain reaction, poor circulation, premature aging, degenerative disease, illness, injury and/or poor performance.

To help the body maintain its natural state, we need to recharge our cells batteries so they can be their best and keep us performing at ours. Adding PEMF therapy to our regimens may help our bodies heal themselves. Personally, immune boosting, maintenance PEMF therapy seems like the smartest move and the best health benefit of all.

There you have it, 10 Reasons why you should be using PEMF Therapy as part of your wellness routine. Ready to start your journey to wellness ?

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A huge thanks to Magna Wave PEMF for making this article available.

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