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PEMF for Wound Healing

In a recent Magna Wave Office Hours Q & A session, Magna Wave CEO Pat Ziemer received a question regarding the use of Magna Wave PEMF for wound healing on a ninety-year-old woman who fell and broke her hip. It was noted that the elderly woman had a scratch on her leg that was four months old and hadn’t healed. So, the family knew she wasn’t healing well. She was scheduled to have surgery on her hip and their question was: Will Magna Wave hurt her if she’s not healing well?

The short answer to that is Magna Wave PEMF for wound healing will enhance the entire oxygenation and blood flow to the body. This may be very beneficial in helping the area to heal. Magnawaving does not do anything to hurt a bone. Magna Wave therapy has no down time, no side effects or risks and does not require use of drugs. That said, you should always consult with your doctor for clearance first. We do recommend waiting around seven days post-surgery to allow the body to begin to heal from the inside. On average the healing process is increased by about a third of the time it would normally take without use of PEMF therapy.

How Does Magna Wave PEMF for Wound Healing Work?

Let’s go back to the basics. PEMF stimulates cell metabolism causing a chain of responses in the body leading to improved health. PEMF works to improve circulation and cell metabolism. Anything that disrupts our body’s own natural magnetic fields impairs cell metabolism which contributes to cell dysfunction. PEMF for wound healing delivers beneficial frequencies that penetrate every cell, tissue, organ and bone to encourage chemical processes within them. Mr. Ziemer phrases it simply, “Magna Wave helps by improving the body’s circulation, providing it with good, rich oxygenated blood flow.” And the body is healthier for it.

PEMF for Wound Healing Helps By:

Boosting Cellular Metabolism

Regenerating Blood Cells

Improving Circulation

Increasing Oxygen Carrying Capacity

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Improves Energy

Improves Sleep Quality

Helps Balance the Immune System

Accelerates Repair of Bone and Soft Tissue

Helps Relax Muscles

PEMF for Wound Healing, Testimonials

Alane Paulley, Vice President of Magna Wave, used PEMF on herself two days post cesarean section. Ms. Paulley said that PEMF therapy for wound healing greatly helped reduce both her swelling and edema. She blogged about how she used PEMF with her other cesarean but didn’t want to wait as long this time. After doing some research she found a study conducted on 72 women, 36 of which received PEMF therapy immediately after a cesarean. They were asked to report their pain intensity 24 hours after, again at 2, 4 and 7 days after surgery. Almost every single woman who received actual PEMF therapy noticed a difference in their pain and swelling. The article was published in February of 2017 in the Clinical Journal of Pain.

But neither Alane or the participants of the study are alone in their testimony. Steeplechase jockey Mark Beecher broke his collarbone and dislocated his shoulder in a steeplechase fall. Doctors told him he would be out for eight weeks. But with Magna Wave treatments he was riding again within two!

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PEMF for Wound Healing Old and New

Many clients come to Magna Wave after suffering from an ailment for long periods of time, over which the body begins to compensate in other ways. One client had torn a tendon that just wasn’t improving after a year. Compensating for her pain was causing her headaches, shoulder pain, lower back pain, but after one Magna Wave PEMF for wound healing treatment she noticed such significant improvement she scheduled her next appointment right away.

Both high and low-frequency PEMF are beneficial, but with Magna Wave high-frequency PEMF for wound healing, you will receive benefits faster and with fewer and shorter treatments.

Is PEMF for wound healing beneficial? If anything, looking at client and Magna Wave practitioner testimonials; as well as, how Magna Wave works, what it does, the answer is yes.

PEMF sets the body up to better heal itself. It’s like taking a deep breath of fresh air and saying, “Ahhh.”

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