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Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated Disc with PEMF Therapy

How It All Began, A Journey to Find A Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated Disc

“My wife slipped and fell on ice. That’s how it began,” says Mr. Ziemer. “She ended up with three herniated discs and due to a heart condition was a poor candidate for surgery.” For many years, Mrs. Ziemer managed her herniated disc pain with medications, although she tried physical therapy and many other options as well. It’s hard for physical therapy to really help if the source of the problem cannot be repaired. As a result, Mrs. Ziemer couldn’t even lift her arm all the way. They’d tried everything and nothing was giving her lasting relief.

A Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated Disc with PEMF Therapy

One day, the Ziemer’s were at an anti-aging conference in Florida where they happened upon a demonstration talking about PEMF. When they asked for a volunteer Mrs. Ziemer told Pat, “I’m going to go down there. But it isn’t going to help me.”

After one eight-minute PEMF session, Mrs. Ziemer was able to raise her arm over her head. She had total mobility without pain for the first time in years. Success at last!

They’d found a non-surgical treatment for herniated disc with PEMF therapy, and they were sold !

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Mr. Ziemer notes that initially, Mrs. Ziemer did need more frequent treatments. But the benefits, the relief, gradually began to last longer. At first, she needed treatments every day, then every three days, down to once a week, then a month. Today, she maintains her comfort and mobility with only one twenty-minute treatment every three to four weeks.

Where is The Science Behind Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated Disc with PEMF Therapy?

It really comes down to cell metabolism. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and environmental pollution all take a toll on our bodies, affecting our health. But at the core of that is the breakdown of our cells. When they don’t function properly we experience things like:

Poor circulation

Declining performance

Premature aging

Degenerative diseases



One concept of restoring our bodies’ natural state of health is to improve cell function. Regular non-surgical treatment for herniated disc with PEMF therapy like Magna Wave is one way of achieving this.

Magnawaving improves the body’s ability to repair cells and recover from illness.

Essentially, cells create energy, Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. This energy is crucial for the body to function properly. It builds up and breaks down molecules and transports substances over cell membranes. To produce energy, cells need oxygen (and about 90 additional substances like enzymes, glucose, and nutrients). Our cells not only generate energy but they produce carbon dioxide, water, and waste. In order to function properly, cells must have a good metabolism. To maintain good metabolism, they need a membrane potential of 70 Ð 90 mV (millivolt). When a cells energy level drops the metabolism is impaired, resulting in low performance and/or chronic disease. At the foundation of every illness is poor cell metabolism.

Magna Wave PEMF devices produce magnetic energy at approximately 17,500 Gauss, 1.75 Tesla. Pulsating electromagnetic fields, also known as PEMF are said to stimulate cell metabolism. This initiates a chain reaction that may improve health without side effects and is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment option for chronic pain like herniated disc.

Some of the benefits of non-surgical treatment for herniated disc with PEMF therapy are:


No side effects

No downtime

No risk of addiction

Reduced pain

Reduced inflammation

Increased energy

It’s relaxing!

PEMF therapy is safe, comfortable and a great way to help manage pain. Magna Wave PEMF is considered a companion modality and does not require a prescription. You can own your own machine or visit one of our practitioners. Either way, PEMF therapy is a great non-surgical treatment for herniated disc.

Are you ready for a non surgical treatment that will help you feel better today ?!

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