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Marijuana and Massage, Wow. - You may ask "Will I get high? The answer is no.

Do I use Cannabis Infused Massage Oil in my practice ? The answer is also No.

With the ever changing laws and broader acceptance of Marijuana around the country, it is inevitable that more uses of this amazing plant are being explored, and how it relates to massage is actually quite interesting. While the benefits of THC are fascinating and a true miracle for those suffering with pain there is still a Taboo factor along with miles and miles of red tape from the W.A government for using THC in Massage Therapy treatments. Therefore I am only using CBD oils that are backed by an FDA registered company in my Massage Therapy Practice at this time. They still provide astonishing pain relief for those looking for a natural solution to pain management. For more information on CBD and how I use it as a powerful Massage Therapy tool please visit my related article: What is CBD Massage? you can find it on my Blog page at :

Cannabis has two essential components of interest, THC tetrahydrocannabinol & CBD cannabidiol. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana; it's the molecule that makes you feel "stoned." CBD on the other hand is the one of interest to massage. It has wonderful therapeutic properties, helps relieve pain, acts as an anti inflammatory, and when used as a topical massage cream, does not enter your blood stream. It will not get you high - but it may make you feel wonderful.

One description I have read states that cannabis infused topicals have a way of opening up the skin's sensory profile, like a more nuanced Icy Hot.

When combined with the hands of a skilled massage therapist these topicals become even more powerful tools against pain, and aids in reducing stress and promoting relaxation. The massage has an elevated quality to it.

Massage itself is a really amazing way of helping people; the human body is fascinating, how it responds to quality touch, and how its all connected. For some, adding cannabis to the massage just allows the therapist to get in even further, and even deeper, and even better.

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