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3 Chronic Pain Conditions That Can Be Relieved Through Meditation

Spokane Pain Relief focuses on alternative therapies to help clients relieve and manage pain. We can help clients relieve pain through maintaining a good Massage Therapy care plan and incorporating holistic practices clients can do at home.

Research is showing that meditation can significantly reduce the pain of certain chronic conditions. Meditation can help with chronic pain and the anxiety and depression that often accompanies it. It isn't a cure-all that eliminates the need for other therapies and sometimes medication, but it can help you manage your pain, and it may indeed reduce your need for medication.

Some research and patient experience suggests that meditation may be particularly helpful to people who suffer from the following.

Chronic back pain Many studies show that meditation not only relaxes the body and helps patients manage pain, but that it can also improve the brain's response to pain. A 2005 study at the Duke University Medical Center, in Durham, N.C., found that chronic back pain sufferers showed significant improvements in pain and psychological distress after practicing a form of meditation that focuses on releasing anger.

Fibromyalgia In 2007, researchers at the University of Basel Hospital, in Switzerland, concluded that mindfulness-based stress reduction helped fibromyalgia patients in several ways, including coping with pain, anxiety, and depression. A three-year follow-up found that patients who continued to use some form of mindfulness meditation kept seeing the benefits.

Migraine Jan Lewis Brandes, MD, assistant clinical professor of neurology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, in Nashville, Tenn., and a specialist in migraine management, has seen many patients benefit from meditation and other relaxation techniques along with preventive medication for migraine. "Some people who have anxiety that triggers migraine can use meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to avoid an attack," explains Dr. Brandes. "It can give them an edge that medication can't."

Now that you know how meditation can help you here is a simple practice to help you get started at home.

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